Throughout my time in undergrad at the University of Kansas, I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in front of the camera. Below you can find just a highlight of the shows I was on, with a link to all of them at the bottom of the page.


Greek TV is the only university tv show that focuses solely on greek life on campus.


Good Morning KU

Good Morning KU is a tv show created by Media Crossroads at KU, which runs daily and has a variety of different segments – from game show segments to live interviews to weather. Being a part of GMKU allowed me to experience all sorts of viewpoints on camera.

Videos Created (Links):

I was also required to create videos, which allowed me to refine my video editing and shooting techniques. These videos are from the early days when I first began shooting.


To see more videos I have created and starred in, please visit here to watch my YouTube playlist.

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