Change is in the Air

On a crisp fall morning, the smell of hot coffee and the warmth of a freshly made crepe are something that anyone would want to have while walking around to look for produce. At the Lawrence Farmers Market, this is a scene that is found more often than not.

When asked about the changes of the market, Scott and Kathleen Tryon, farmers, said, “Produce wise? Not really. But a lot more people come down here for food, I mean for prepared food.”

Prepared food is only one of the many changes occurring at the Lawrence Farmers Market.

This Spring the market began the SNAP match program, which according to a Lawrence City Commission memo, is a “dollar for dollar match program.” The initiation of the program had the support of “both the Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market and the Cottin’s Hardware Farmers’ Market.”

Other new things happening at the market include a volunteer program and Trick-or-Treating for children. Volunteers will work Saturday mornings, and according to the market’s website, volunteers will be assisting with research and other tasks throughout the seasons. The program is still new and decisions are still being made about it, but there is a form on the market’s website to sign up for it. If volunteers work three shirts, they will receive a free Lawrence Farmers Market T-Shirt.

“One of the possible tasks may be digitalizing files that we have,” said Sally Sanko, one of the front tent ladies.

Sanko also discussed the trick-or-treating program, saying that it is a new event they will be doing. Halloween falls on a Saturday, so the market will occur as usual but with a twist – vendors will be dressing up and handing out candy.

“Children will be going from tent-to-tent inside of door-to-door this year!” Sanko said.

The farmers market will be taking place on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s until October 27 and November 21, respectively.

This is just one of the many tents selling prepared food.
This is just one of the many tents selling prepared food.
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